NEW Architecture Competition by Homemade Dessert

NIP, come media partner, pone alla vostra attenzione il nuovo concorso di architettura Krakow oxygen home lanciato da Homemade Dessert.

La citta di Cracovia ha, a scala Europea, uno dei maggiori livelli d’inquinamento dell’aria e un conseguente incremento di persone affette da malattie croniche e cancro. Homemade Dessert ha deciso di accogliere la richiesta d’idee per la realizzazione della Oxygen Home a Cracovia, come ambiente confortevole sia per le persone che si devono sottoporre a difficili cure che per le loro famiglie, proponendo un nuovo concorso di architettura. Continuate a leggere la il comunicato ufficiale a seguire.


Press release
HMMD Architecture Competitions is challenging architecture enthusiasts to produce design visions for the Krakow Oxygen Home, a community centre for the people in Krakow with lung cancer, as well as their friends and families.
Since Krakow has some of the worst air pollution in all of Europe, the number of people with chronic lung diseases is significantly high. Therefore the need for the Krakow Oxygen Home is ever more prevalent. The key function of the building will be to provide a comfortable and supportive environment in difficult times to the patients, as well as their friends and families. This is an opportunity for enthusiasts to use architecture and design to create something to help heal a hurting community and spread a strong message of hope.

Early bird registration for the Krakow Oxygen Home architecture competition runs from the 5th of August during which the entry fee will be US$ 90. Advanced registration, from 3rd of September will be US$ 120 before increasing to $US 140 for final entrants up until the closing deadline for registration of 4th of November.
Winners will be announced on the 2nd of December, in the meantime more information can be found on

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